Norstrilia – Cordwainer Smith

Norstrilia / Cordwainer Smith / Instrumentality of Mankind / sci-fi (Classic)

Author: Cordwainer Smith

Paul Myron Anthony Linebarger (July 11, 1913 – August 6, 1966)


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In the world of Instrumentality of Mankind, humanity has a highly developed technological and social structure. In particular, a centralised organisation called Instrumentality governs humanity to maintain order and peace. This organisation is responsible for managing and improving human life through cybernetics technology and genetic engineering.

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It was not until 1975 that the complete text of the novel was published in one paperback volume. The chief differences between the two versions are:

  1. Norstrilia has a slightly longer prologue.
  2. The Planet Buyer has additional scenes added to the end of the final chapter, “The High Sky Flying”.
  3. The Underpeople has an additional opening chapter, “Lost Music in an Old World”. This was largely a synopsis, and is completely omitted from Norstrilia.

The 1995 NESFA Press hardcover edition adds further revisions and corrections to the text, and includes variant texts as an appendix. A few lines from the original magazine texts that had been cut from previous book versions are reinstated for the sake of clarity.

Norstrilia – Instrumentality of Mankind

Norstrilia – Instrumentality of Mankind

Norstrilia – Instrumentality of Mankind




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