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Startide Rising / David Brin / sci-fi (Classic)

Author: David Brin

Glen David Brin (October 6, 1950)


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Do you know about the book called “Startide Rising”? It was written by an American author named David Brin.

In this book, there is a really amazing spaceship called the “Earthship Streaker”. The crew of this spaceship goes on all kinds of exciting adventures!

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Hugo Nebula Locus Award Triple Crown Op.

Startide Rising is a 1983 science fiction novel by American writer David Brin, the second book of six set in his Uplift Universe (preceded by Sundiver and followed by The Uplift War). It earned both Hugo and Nebula Awards for Best Novel in 1984. It was revised by the author in 1993 to correct errors and omissions from the original edition.

An early work by David Brin, it was extremely well reviewed when it was published, has remained popular, and served as the seed for three more novels which revolved around the crew of the Earthship Streaker (the Uplift Storm Trilogy).

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You know what’s really special about this book? It won two very famous awards called the Hugo Award and the Nebula Award! This means that a lot of people thought it was an amazing story.

At first, the book was called “The Tides of Kithrup”, but the author later changed the name to “Startide Rising”. Some early copies of the book still have the old title, and those have become very special collector’s items.

This book is one of David Brin’s most popular works. He even wrote some more books that continue the adventures of the Earthship Streaker crew!

Doesn’t a story about an amazing spaceship and winning big awards sound really interesting? I think kids would really enjoy reading this book. Why don’t you give it a try?

On ‘Startide Rising’

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Startide Rising

Startide Rising




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